Thursday, September 15, 2005

It was just as I was elaborating how good this friendship is, some things happen. But things have been solved and back to normal again. To summaries, this is what happened.

Merv jio us for a meet-up. Activity = Steamboat. Price = $10.
Lihua feels that it is a bit expensive and that she wants to go on diet. She kinda dun feel like paying, but she dun mind going. But how can one go w/o paying? (Unless u are there for like only 10-15 mins)
Merv, upon hearing this, was pissed and his temper lose control and burted out on msn asking her not to come if she doesnt feel like.
Lihua, upon hearing that, was so pissed that she doesnt wanna come.
So both parties were pissed and I'm the middleman.
I knew I have to solve this. And I did.

After much much talking to Lihua over the phone, persuading and persuading, she finally gave in, after 45 mins over the phone with me that is. These 45 mins was persuading and persuading, making repeated rounds ard Bugis Junction. Finally, I did it. Lihua's coming! Yeah~ 4 of us, again, happily.

Everything went smooth and the misunderstanding cleared. Everything back to before and gd friends are still gd friends.

I liked the last pic v much!

We had steamboat with 2 soups. Tom Yam and chicken. The Tom Yam was "Woo-hoo". Its damn power. Food wise, hmm, not bad, considered quite good for a $10 buffet steamboat. ;p

I have so much things on my mind. But I'm too tired to blog them down.

I wish to mention abt religion, friendship, love, kinship, etc etc. But I'm tired. Maybe I shld take a good night's sleep. And maybe blog when I have short perks of writing mood during work tmr. Tmr's T.G.I.F.!! I'm going 佛堂 tmr night for Authem Fest Celeb with some friends. Its a vegetarian day tmr. ;p

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