Saturday, September 10, 2005

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I still end up meeting my secondary sch friends. As described by some of my friends, I'm a crowd lover. I love to meet up with a grp of friends. Well, I perceive that as keeping updated of hw my friends are doing. And sometimes, its just too good to know that they are safe and sound.

A grp of ladies. me, annie, jennifer, xxc.

That teeny weeny lady is the girl going off to U.K. She's going off for 2 years. I guess I might not have so much of strong emotions in seeing her leave as compared to others. I guess its because I so seldom meet her. For the past few years, I have been meeting her for less than.. erm.. 3 times? I think staying in hall does widen my gap between many of my friends. Its no use crying over spilt milk. I guess I have to make up for the lost time soon. They are still a bunch of gd friends of mine. We used to be so good once. I dun see why I cant now. I will try.

The great session ended late. Homed 1230.

I didnt go blading. All because my mum was so so angry for my late-coming the night before. Usually, she will just nag a little when I'm homed late. But yesterday, I was down with various viruses. And I'm some1 who doesnt take gd care of myself. Thus, once I fall sick, it last like 2 weeks. And this left Desmond going blading alone. Sigh. Its really so mean of me to do that to fly him that plane. But mum just wouldnt let me out! *grr*

I can't bear to spend my weekend just like tt. So... I meet up with another friend - Peirling. She was telling me her things. Abt her bf. About how things change before and after they got together. She doesnt look happy. But as a friend, I have limited advice for her. I can see her decision. She is some1 who knows what she wants, she just need assurance. Lets see if my prediction is going to come true. Here is she! She's finally appearing in my blog!

Tmr's meeting Xingni for short shopping the evening. Morning's chilling out at home. ;p


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