Thursday, September 08, 2005

Nice weather to sleep.. But I still hv to go to work, even if I'm down with flu and cough. I sense the sickness is invading into me. Lets hope its nowhere serious. My back still hurts. Even a little sneeze can cause pain at my tailbone. I guess I do need to take care of that precious bone.

Today's my one month anniversary of work. Hmm. My feedback on work will be... I'm still v.dependent on many things. I'm still unsure of many things. Many it comes with experience and I'll get more confident in the technical stuff. Maybe. I wonder how long I will stay. But yesterday I taught myself something. You'll always think that others is doing better than you. Human beings just can't be satisfied. I'm not on an eager mood to job hop. I'm taking it easy. I'll do my best in my current job. Afterall, life is taking a step at a time, especially when everything is still so new. I'm still lost. I'm still directionless. I'm still confused. I'm still in a mess.

Consecutive tuition for 2 days (tonight and tmr night), in exchange for a $100 paycheck. Gd deal. But it makes the end of this student. And it means I need to get another one to make up for this financial loss. ;p

me: "AHHH.... CHHOOOO......."

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