Tuesday, September 13, 2005

My dearie gf - LiHua (Part I)

Tired. The only word to describe. It seems like it is not happening to me only. I can see Shaozhen dragging herself to office too. Probably we didn't make gd use of the weekend to rest. But thank god that the shit I'm expecting to receive will come next week.

My bestest gf LiHua is back, from her U.K. 'training' trip. She's making me so jealous of all the trips she had. How fortunate of her to land in such a gd job. She went Dubai for 2 weeks, U.K. for 1 week, so whats next? She has a laptop to herself and company transport right at her hse. Her company has so much happening events!! Lucky dude!! But of course, luck can only bring her so far. She worked for what she gain. Cool friend of mine.

Speaking of her reminds me of my lovely uni friends. Lihua, Mervyn and Tah Ching. It is somehow a special bond that keeps this friendship going. I'm meeting them for dinner tmrw. And I'm looking forward to it. There's so much to talk abt them. But let me start with LiHua.

LiHua a.k.a Blackie a.k.a Chan. I know her on my 1st day of school in NTU. We enter our tutorial class and it was supposed to be a get-to-know session. We were settled down when this really black (charcoal might be a better word) girl was late. She looks masculine and tough. She sat down just 2 seats away. Being late, the tutor began to talk to her, asking her questions in front of the class. Soon, the tutor needs to choose class rep. A guy and a girl. He nominate 2 each for the class to elect. And I can't explain y. He chose LiHua and me. I was just sitting quietly at a corner, occasionally giving the tutor glances to show that I'm still attentive. I didnt utter anything at all. Lihua was elected the Class rep. My first impression of her - My Class Rep. Haha~

During my first year, I start to come in closer contact with her during lesson, especially Comm skills, when we can chit chat while discussing what we are supposed to discuss. And I always seem to grab her for discussion. Maybe it is the sitting location that bring us together in the same grp. Or maybe I have unnowingly fell in love with her! Haha! Thats how we got closer. As for the invasion of Merv and TC, Merv's my lab-mate and TC came along. We got so close after our Comm skills project that 4 of us did together. We were like stickers, always together for meals and outings. Our trademark joke during year 1 was abt this classmate whom Chan claim she's v.v.v.pretty. But Merv, tc and me all don't find her so so so pretty cause she was a bit on the plump side. So we joked abt the girl's wedding photo. Since she's pretty by face only, her wedding photo must be passport size! Haha! And we just carry on this joke for some time discussing and exploring other possibilities.

*Just speaking of this joke bring me back to that memorable scene and put a smile on me*

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