Thursday, September 29, 2005

A step closer

Yes, I m a step closer. My PR application is approved. I waited for that letter for past 2 months. I was told by my cousin that it will take 1 month. But for me, it takes 2 months. But well, at least. it comes. Haha! But of course, before everything got approved, I need to get my HIV test and X-ray done. Probably getting a half day leave to settle these issues at ICA.

I've so darn pissed this morning. It is just so difficult to get some1 to install my little pressure gauge. There are so many other bigger things on urgent, that there's no man available. I have to ask that favour from this old employee which pissed me a lot, esp during set off. Grr.. Who shall I get tmr? Sigh... And what makes it worse is that I realised the Dust Collector System has to be off when I install that Pressure Gauge! And that stupid manager dodn't tell me about it until I asked SZ juz now. He just threw everything w/o telling me in detail. WTH... And tmr there's a noise test by STS. So did he purposely put it on a friday when he will be going for reservist? I seriously wonder.

I've plans for tmr. Its friday night. I will leave at 530 by hook or by crook. I dun care. Its Friday! =)

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