Sunday, September 18, 2005

~~~T.E.A.R.S O.F. T.O.U.C.H.E.D.~~~

How Pretty... How many times we look carefully at a rainbow? It usually comes after rain. So predictable but yet hard to catch...

This post is somewhat nostalgic. I teared slightly yesterday, when I was talking over msn with Chan. I was reminded of the many things she did for me during our conversation on friendship. Those were tears of touched.

I was previously mentioning how happy we were when we were in yr 1 of NTU. Lihua was a definite appearance for my birthdays for the past 4 years.

Year 1 (2001), we went for a buffet dinner at Park Mall. She organised and co-ordinate the thingy. I was working then, but she made the effort to get the pple to meet after my work to Park Mall. I had a dinner paid by them and I do enjoy the companionship though it being simple.

Year 2 (2002), we were having IHPT then. They gave me a birthday celeb during IHPT with a Prima Deli's cake. I still have that picture of the celeb. I guess I will scan it soon and put it up. At night, she got Merv and TC over to celeb with me. Being already having a cake in the afternoon, we ate Pizza and when the Pizza arrived, she actually bother to sing me another birthday song with candles on the Pizza. She made every effort to make the celebration great.

Year 3 (2003), it was my 21st birthday. I didnt have any formal celebration. I remember I have my Malay GE in the morning, and I hurried to meet her after my lesson, for a R-Rated movie at Plaza Sing. Its so amazing how we managed to get the tix with the help of stranger and smuggle ourselves into the theatre. She watch it with me though it is something she doesn't like. It was a movie of violence. And on our way back hall, she 'bluff' me that she needs to go back to her room to get something. But she actually went to JP to get me a prezzie and a small little cake. She didnt expect that I might get one from Gabby and pple. (I didnt expect that as well) And she spend the whole day and night with me, till the next day at 6am, she stroll back to her room at Hall 12.

Year 4 (2004), I have a repeat paper on my birthday. And Gabby and guys finished their paper on that day too, so I told everyone not to celeb this time. Exams are ultimately more important than planning for a gd friend's bday. But Lihua did the most surprising things. She pre-celeb with me on the 18th, one day before the actual. She try to talk to me via msn. And she also called to ask what I'm doing for the day. She actually came all the way from her home to school to surprise me with a toy and a little cake! She finished her exams before me, but it is so touching to receive somethng out of surprise. You can nv expect her to come all the way to sch!! And it was so coincident that as she was abt to surprise me, I was at reading room (due to the hot weather) and was on my way back to my room to get something. I took the steps near to the cartel rather than the one near SRC. Thats how she managed to 'avoid' me for the surprise. And she's smart to ask me to give her a call when I reach my room! So that she can confirm that I'm in my room! And there she surprise me with a toy outside my room, with a little piece of cake with a candle!!! She's the best!!

There are soo many incidents that touched me. But the reminiscenes of the birthdays is already making me tear. If you are reading this girl. thank you so much for everything!

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