Thursday, September 22, 2005


I'm going into a state of insane mind soon.

Its all abt work.

I do quite like my job - Project Engineer.

But there are so many things I hate about it. I hate my company, my bosses, my colleagues, my pay, etc etc. The only thing I like is working with Shaozhen.

It is the 1st day Shaozhen is taking leave. And it feels so terrible. There is noone is office (except a Malay lady that is). There is noone to have lunch with me, so I decided not to eat. There is noone I can pop over and stick to her like a leech. There is noone I can depend on when I meet problems. The only people I speak to are suppliers and customers, and most of the conversations are not quite very friendly.

I guess w/o breakfast and lunch will make an insane Jing Xian. I could but I wouldn't.

I hate my tears for visiting me too easily.

Please keep me sane for the next half of the day.

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