Thursday, October 27, 2005

尊严..... 走出去就有路......


I nearly quit my job today. This is what happens.

Yesterday, my boss asked me to rush a proposal for him. He also mentioned that the proposals they used to do aren't detailed enough, thus, asked me to do one with details. Thats 1030am yesterday. I started doing it, trying to furnish it with information. I bypass the 15-pages mark and reached 26 pages. I wrote what is necessary as of written on the specs, and tried to add in my own words here and there. As for the very detailed stuff like accessories, e.g. heaters, pumps, etc, I have no single idea! WTF. He expected every single details to be in when a proposal is written by a 2.5 month experience engineer? And the details I wrote, some he said are redundant. But hello, I'm writing according to the specifications from the customer. Whats his problem? And when we (me and SZ) helped him rush what he wants, he was like '为什么你和SZ那么差的,一个proposal也做不好.' I was so pissed upon hearing this. If you are giving me a few days to do up a good proposal, I'm more willing to help. BUT, u told me yesterday and u want it by today? So what if I'm lousy? I'm just a 2-month experience engineer. But I beg to defer about SZ. She's definitely NOT lousy. If he can tell us about it earlier, we can prepare. BUT, WTF. I dun wanna continue. Resignation letter will say it all. I can lose everything, but there's one thing I will never lose - 尊严.

I might not submit my resignation tml. (Maybe I would, who knows?) But I prepare it in my bag. As and when required, I will throw it in his face immediately. And that'll be more cool.

I was talking (over msn) to my cousin and Chan. My cousin was shocked to hear what happened. He's under a company who is a software specilist for Toyota corporation. He has gone through projects, to various parts of he world. He knew how much it takes, to complete a good proposal. He's also disgusted.

Chan LH was rather supportive of my resignation. Probably she has recently been to many parts of the world. From developed countries to 3rd world countries, she get in touch with pple. She's seen much more things than me. She told me that there's a more beautiful world out there. There are many things for me to explore. We are just peeping through a keyhole, looking at the limited scope we can see through that hole. If we open the door, we will be exposed to so many pretty things. So many pretty things displayed in front of our eyes waiting for us to explore. I'm a active learner. Thats something I look forward to. 走出去就有路.

Back to the proposal. 3 persons, or rather 4 persons (including the draughtperson) was rushing the proposal like hell. The meeting was at 3pm. At 250pm, we were still in office, rushing. And we (me SZ and the draughtperson) still haven had our lunch! And that stupid Sales manager can still happy happy go for lunch! If job scope is defined in the company, the proposal will be under his hands. Lousy asshole.

Just had a long conversation over the phone with SZ. Feels good after a long chat. It has been long since we last talk so much, especially when we r so busy recently, we usually talk more about work. And we felt that we neglected a v.可怜 colleague. We shall shower her with more love soon!! =)

we took this pic yest. how apt..


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