Sunday, October 30, 2005

:: Tired Weekend ::

Updates Updates Updates. But before I do them, there's something on my mind now.

Its about a girl, a 20-yr-old girl, Mazda Salesperson who died in a car crash when out with her customer on a test-drive. The news sadden me so much. A young girl, on her job, died due to reckless driving of her customer. It may not be justified for me to say that it is reckless, but looking at the damaged done to the BMW and van, who can't conclude the speed of the Mazda when negotiating the bend, resulting it to land in the opposite lane, crashing to an oncoming BMW head-on, overturning to crash into oncoming van. He survived the crash, but the girl didn't. How I wish it is the way round, where the one responsible for driving met his misfortune and the innocent party can escape the death trap. So unjust. To read.

My boss apologized. That makes me feel better. At least we are a bit appreciated.
I didn't plan to have much activity for the day, except going to shop for my toiletries. I ended up joining my colleague, her bf, and one more of her friend for dinner. I had my Ajisen's Tom Yam Ramen again! Its something I always can't resist. Yum Yum!!! Finally got my toiletries.

Blading was as usual, but with a surprise of meeting a few pple. First, it was Annie, my sec sch friend. I spotted her ex-bf (Edwin) before I spotted her. She's still novice on her 2nd time on blading, but she has already bought a pair of blades. When am I getting mine? Sigh. Second, I saw a friend's friend. Also from MPE. Just smiled. Third, friends of Daphne. But one of whom is from MPE too. I recognise him actually, one of those faces I often see in lecture. I always like blading at ECP. I always see friends there.

A day out at shopping. From Bugis to Cityhall to Bishan Junction 8. My killings for the weekend....

1) ZA True White Essence - $22.90
2) Facial Wash for body - $4.00
3) Giordano Jeans - $49
4) Denim Jacket - $40
5) St Ives Body Scrub - $18.90
6) Nalgene Water Bottle - $22
7) Redoxon Vitamin C - $6

Woow woow woow... Easily $150... Shall scrimp and save the coming month. But its my birthday month, how can I resist myself from temptations when I know I will excuse myself for it being my birthday month.


gab said...

stupid zha bor why u remove ur birthday wish list? i cant rem wht u wanna sia or u have new items in mind

jing xian said...

Haha~ I shy shy mah~ Keke~~ Study hard dear~