Sunday, October 09, 2005

It has been one week since I last blog. I had a pretty busy week. In the past, I have been searching for work to complete. Now, work has come to cross my path, without the need to 'search or ask'. Its a good sign - I'm starting to handle things of greater responsibility.

Have been to customer site for the 1st few days of the week. But was 'forced' to stay in office for Thurs and Friday. I don't have any vehicle to carry me to the site. And boss commented that I hv been too sticky with SZ. :( Lets see what's interesting for the week.

This was a last minute decision. That SZ and me will be going to Senoko Drive to collect a basket for our project after work and later drive the van to NTU to meet her Andy and my Gabby. Keke! I am the one suggesting the idea, coz I do miss hall, and wanna visit my beloved friends. I had my dinner at Canteen 1. I had my favourite - 咸菜鸡汤 with rice. Yummy!! It was one of my favourite last sem when I had Peirling together with me, meeting me for meals and moltivating each other for studying. I really miss those mugging times. It is such a pity that Kim and Qiwen are no longer staying in hall. I relishguished my old times with Gabby and Melvin dining with me. How fun to have those memories back again~ Love it to bits! I miss Hall life.

No1 in office. I went lunch alone, bought tidbits. And this is what it reads.

If things are still going through snail mail, life wouldn't be as fast-paced as now. But there wouldn't be my blog that you are reading now either. Good and Bad.

I was supposed to meet Peirling for dinner that day. But well, everything seems to turn out completely different. At work, some misunderstandings happened between my colleagues. I wasn't involved but it created a kinda tensed feeling, with only me and them ard in the office. After work, I was abt to rush to meet Peirling for dinner, but went back to clean up my cup. This is when things changed. It wouldn't be nice to describe what happened. But when I'm supposed to leave by 6pm. I left my office at 645pm. Whats worse is that there's no cabby in sight!! SZ and I both tried calling cab. since I'm going to town and SZ's going to NTU. But it took us ages to catch a cabby. Peirling told me that she's having cramps and she don't mind leaving for home. At the same time, SZ don't mind going to town with me. So we end up... NOT meeting our initial-intended partners but we both went out together. Drama-rama...

Work is presuring. So, I went back to office. I realised I was of not much of help. Though I learn more things again, I didn't help v.much. And the ongoing project met some problems. They are forcing us to edge. Stress is too just too mild a word to describe. Sighz.

Went out shopping with Gabby in the afternoon. Undecided to go Bugis or Cityhall area, we went both. Had my lunch at 'Just Noodles' - Drunken Chicken Noodles. Tastes great! I like that little alcohol taste. Soothing. Went to The Body Shop sale, coming back with a Trio Bronzing Powder for $15 and a Body Lotion for $9.90! I grabbed the last tub of the bronzing power, though I wasn't lemming for one. But it does looks great!

I don't understand why I have been spending so much. $200 gone within a week, without a reason. And more bills catching up - Internet, hp, PR fees, etc. The PR I refering to is the fee needed for my application of Permanent Resident. It will cost like $150 in total. I have no intentions to splurge on anything else for the next 3 weeks. Pls remind me about that. Haha!

Today is a cozy day spent at home. Cozy... Rest and Recuperate..

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