Sunday, October 02, 2005

Yesterday, I brought the van back to IDAC for inspection and report. I was told that NTUC Income will inform me of the mechanic to send to and the procedures. And I need to pay an excess $500. The rest of the repair charges will be foot by insurance. $500 to me is kinda big sum for now. I wonder if the company will pay for me. If not, its gonna be a torturous month for me, even living on bread alone wouldn't make ends meet. Keeping my fingers crossed.

In the afternoon, I went blading. I'm blading faster and faster, with minimal falls. I'm happy with my progress. I'll continue improving myself in blading!

Met up with Wanli this afternoon. She's my secondary school classmate for 4 years, but we got closer only during our sec 3 and sec 4 days. A short 4-hr chat seems so fast. I love her companionship though she talks really slow at times. But I think thats one gd point also, and that is.. u know clearly what you say, whether it is appropriate or not. She's a rare friend I meet up, due to our busy schedule. But she's a friend I look forward to meeting up.

I'm still worrying about the van, the $500, and the errands I have to run for the reservist guy. And also HS project. GRR...


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