Sunday, October 23, 2005


Had activity-filled days.

Met an ex-colleague at Bugis, with SZ and Ivy. It was one of the talking and chilling out sessions. In fact, I enjoy chilling out sessions than shopping sessions. I have my preferred khakis for shopping. But most of the time, I prefer chilling out, to know how your friends are doing, her job, her life, etc. This ex-colleague of mine quit the job and join MOE as a Chinese Teacher. She seems happy in this current job, though tiring, the satisfaction she gained moltivates her. She made a right choice I would say. Had our dinner at Pastamania, before heading for drinks. Homed at 1100pm.

Girls are girls... Haha.. Our shopping killings!!

Ex-Seagaters outing at Bishan. Wah!~ Finally an outing near my place. Keke. Dinner at swensen's where I had my usual breaded chicken. After that, a short walk in Bishan. A early day home. I guess everybody wanted very much to rest.

Blading. But I had a great fall. Me and Daphne tried taking a 'small road' which we never venture before. It was the steepest slope (I guess) in the entire East Coast!! You can rarely spot bladers there. Only competitive bicycle riders were spotted. But we ventured. And I fell. Bleed. OUCH! I fell on my butt. Now, I had a 15cm x 10cm abrasion on my left butt. Initially, I didnt know it was this serious until I saw blood stains on the chair I sat. OUCH OUCH OUCH! I guess I wouldn't be able to sit properly for the nxt few weeks.
I met a lot of NTU people today. A lot~ MPE mates, ex-hall-mate, NTU peeps, etc etc. Seems like many pple are taking up this sport! And I love seeing familiar faces!

Sian that tmr is working. Sigh. I wonder how long I can take it. I really wonder.

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