Monday, October 24, 2005

A simple day at work.

I didn't go out to site today. But I do feel good today. I accomplished several tasks. But my Air Agitation System is bothering me. I'm clueless on how to handle, especially when my customer tell me that I can't do welding on their machine, cause their solvents are flammable. Now, I have to think of solutions. Sigh. But I finally found a Safety cabinet! A fire-proof cabinet. I finally found it, after much hard work.

Was having some cheap thrill today. Tried figuring out what a friend's msn nick means. It was written as: MjktGsg. And it took me just little split seconds to figure it. I suddenly feel smart. He wasn't quite convinced when I told him I uncover that nick of his. But I did! Sorry, I cant help but feeling smart in this 'puzzle-solving'. Haha! Cheap Thrill.

But prolly its these cheap thrills of getting my Safety cabinet and uncovering that puzzle made my day. Somehow, it made me feel smart. Haha. And hid my Monday Blues! Great!

Hope to sleep well tonight. For a better day tmr.

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