Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Get ur hands off me. I'm PMS-ing.

Damn. Was so pissed at work. Actually I'm not pissed with work. I'm pissed with pple. I'm PMS-ing. I can't control. Too bad.

Female Engineers at work.

Its really wonderful to have her at work with me. Everything wouldn't be so bearable without you, my dear SZ jie jie...

SZ did the most hilarious thing on earth. If only I can capture the moments in time. I would be the funniest thing on earth. It made me laugh, till now. Alright, here it goes. I was walking in front of SZ. SZ tried talking a short cut route. However, she doesnt realise that the 'short-cut' was a little different in colour as compared to usual route. So she walked. It was wet cement!!! Her feet sank into that 5 inch thick cement. She muttered an 'Ai Yo!'. I turned back. Stunned. Lost of what to do. At that moment, I thought that was quicksand. (Like those pri sch txtbks where they tell u that quicksand 'sucked' pple down). But there's no quicksand in Spore. She muttered a few more comical 'Ai Yo's, taking 2 more steps in the wet cement, leaving 3 deep foot prints of hers there.

She finally came out, with thick cement covering her safety shoes. All technicians were stunned, laughing at her. I was still stunned. I started laughing when the rest of the pple discuss how she landed herself there. Her reactions when she stepped in that wet cement. Her choice of taking 2 more steps into that cement after landing the 1st leg. She could have chose to pull that 1st leg out, saving that 2 more unnecessary plunge into that wet cement. Then I re-enacted everything in my brain. It simply sets me laughing, non-stop. Jie Jie, thanks for that entertainment, its really entertaining. HAHAHA!! It brighten my day so much more!!!

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