Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Some pics taken last week at client's site. We were 'taking-5'. Haha! R&R mah.. keke!

My technicians. Keke!

And not forgetting the great engineers! Girls Power!!

Was having tea break with this grp of people while one of the technicians have his gf on the line. SZ was talking loudly (as usual) and the gf at the line was like 'how come there's female's voice'. They quarrelled. The gf hung up the phone. Later came a message on his phone, in chinese, '鸡白的,你给我记着!' Haha! Crude. But kinda farnie.

Boss on business trip! Hurray!

Btw, want to know a little more about my job? Here are some pics to show.

PMS-ing.... I am.

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