Saturday, November 05, 2005

::: Colleagues :::

Just before I set myself ready for blading session later, let me complete this blog here, coz I know Ivy needs my pics to upload to her brand new bloggy. SZ and Ivy have a brand new blog look where I'm still at this default one. Nvm. My new one is already in the making. And its very 'me'. keke. 慢工出细货. *winkz*

Friday's a lazing day at work. I wasn't lazing in the first part of the day. I was in fact doing my operational manual. But this is what SZ do...

Haha.. Caught her surfing the net. And I just realised, this her blog skin! I took this w/o her realising and when she hasnt decide on her blogskin. Hw coincident.

Its not her 1st time surfing for blog skin. She has been searching one since Monday when I told her how to. And she got seriously addicted. Haha~

Her Andy flew her aeroplane, which landed us shopping again. It wasn't initially planned, but I'm managed to go out with her and come home for a later dinner. I suggested MS coz I know there is this new skincare/cosmetics shop newly open!! Yes, their 1st day in Singapore! Its called The Skin Food, somewht similar to The Face Shop and Missha. They didnt buy anything. But these are mine...

And picture taking is unevitable. Girls are girls. =)

Time to get my ass of the comp and out for blading!!! I love blading for another reason that I always see familiar faces of ntu pple. Even if we might not know each other in the face, we smile. Nice feeling there.

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