Thursday, November 03, 2005


Sometimes, when we get so 'bo liao' at work. This is what we do.

"Please spot Ubi in the Singapore map" - Lame-ness by IVY *heck heck*

I have no idea what's wrong with my camera. We seems so dark in these pics. Or is it the cameraman's prob? keke.. ;p

Met Chan for dinner. Supposedly. I reached Bugis at abt 715pm and end up lazing myself in Kinokuniya, absorbed in a book - "The Essence of Buddhism". It kept me interested for at least 30 pages before I got distracted by another title - "No death, No fear". How apt a title I feel. So I put down the first one and landed in the nxt one. But I don't enjoy reading it. Soon, I moved on to local writer section and saw this book, can't rem its title, but its on a Malaysian girl, who came Singapore on an ASEAN scholarship. Her reminiscenes of her interesting incidents in Singapore, how Singapore kids behave, and her life in Singapore. It kept me absorbed for there's so many things I can relate to. Soon, 845pm came, Lihua finally arrived after her hard work at SLB, working on a project. Its amazing how books can keep one occupied. I rediscover reading, though I'm a full-time internet reader as of now. =)

Chan showed me the Egypt pics!! So lovable. Its a country I wish to set my foot on. I have a special affliation with that country I feel. I will hit the musuems and pyramids once I land there! Egypt....

Tmr's Friday. Working on my Operational Manual which I aim to finish 80% of it by tmr~

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