Saturday, November 26, 2005

I can't think of any title. So I guess I'll keep it blank.

Was mentioning about celebrating Qiwen's birthday. Yah, we went to 镇发活海鲜 for our steamboat BBQ. Didn't manage to capture any pics. But again, who would? With those greasy hands and messy food? Its my 1st visit to 镇发. The many times I been to Marina for steamboat BBQ was to chong pang. The most amazing thing about 镇发 is their half-alive (half-dead) prawns. Its claimed that they were life prawns. Quite alive, but quite dead I would say. But anyhow, even if they were really alive, we will have problems cooking them alive. At least they are already half-dead.

Went Cityhall and picture taking time. =)

I think I'm really suakoo. They ALL knew that Cafe Cartel cheese cakes goes on 50% off after 9pm. Its so cheap after 50% off, for less than $2.50 per cheese cake. Yummy. But I didn't buy. I'm too fat to treat myself a piece.

Its a sad day at work yesterday. A colleague nearly quit. I have to agree that the Boss seems to have some problem with her. But her actions may be rather harsh. So it didnt end up a nice ending, instead, a unfriendly one. Luckily, a sweet-tongued manager managed to turn things the better way out. At least, she's not caught up in a mess of undesirable situation.

My colleague. *pat pat*

3 more days at that yucky company. Thursday will be a going-malaysia day! 买东西,吃东西, 买东西,吃东西!! Friday will be Ivan's ROM!! Wah. Events filled week.

Looking for temp and perm jobs now! HELP!!!

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