Thursday, November 24, 2005

Exams are over! For my dear peeps in NTU. Meeting them tonight for dinner. Steamboat BBQ again. How 'un-innovative'. But what to do? Birthday girl's request. Happy Birthday Qiwen!! *ops! I revealed the 'un-innovative' one*

Its a sad day earlier today. My Dear Girl is sad, over relationship. She chooses 爱情 instead of 面包. I would choose otherwise. Or maybe I haven't met the one. But she did. I know she loves him so dearly. Hope your 爱情 can realise the value of 面包 soon, and provide you with not only 面包, but also a nice warm 棉被... *hugs*

At least, she could still smile. =)

Keep posted for pictures. I miss my hall dearies.. ;p Whhooopp...

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