Thursday, November 17, 2005

:: Ladies' night ::

Deciding btwn Zouk or dbl O. Final decision: dbl O

It has been long since I last club. The last one was after H6 D&D when I went with a good whole bunch of Sixians. That was dbl O also. Tempted by the freeflow, so its dbl O again, though I do wish to take a peep at Zouk-after-renovation.

3 little girls, 3 colleagues, fun night.

We had our dinner at Raffles City's BK. And after which Ivy wanted to get a lip gloss after oogling at ours when we were doing our make-up in office. So.. we went Robinson's, where all the counter brands are - M.A.C., Clinque, Clarins, Estee Lauder, Dior, IPSA, Shiseido, SKII, etc. From counter to counter, we tried. She was quite satisfied with Clarins. I insisted we take a peep at Japanese brand, my favourite brand for skincare - Shiseido.

That was a fatal choice. 一脚栽进去,就拔不出来了!! The gloss was so so so....pretty!!! We first try one of the series (lets call it A, since I can't rem much of their makeup series). Its a natural looking for Ivy that she kinda like it a lot. Priced at a steep $39. But well, she pampered herself. She fall in love with something she wanted - Natural and pretty. The sales assistant further introduce us another series (PN series, but we'll call it series B) which is more pigmented. She recommended to use both together to have maximum effect. So SZ tried! A+B = fabulous lips!!!!! So So So pretty!!!!! SZ was so tempted, BUT A+B=$39+$39=$78. -_-''' But its so fabulous. I've got the pictures to prove. Too much temptations. Too much.

I tried the PN series on my lips too. But I didn't top up their gloss, I use my M.A.C.'s. Still lovely but not as pretty. And we took many many pictures. These are the few I took with my low-batt camera.

dbl O was fun. The only 'complainable' thing is that why do they have to play great music when the night sets in. There are pple like us who needs to leave early for work tmr. :(

We played finger guessing, taught Ivy how to play it too. Its a must-learn game.

We played true and dare too. Of course, no true is allowed. Only dare. Using straw. The longer straw loses.

1st round - To message *ahem* 'I like you'. Its not to our disadvantage. But to SZ, its *ahem* She's the one suggested it, she the one who got it. Serves her right. Haha. *ahem*

2nd round - To grab a guy, ask for him name. Luck was down on me. But I have to do it. I got one. He's Jack. So I randomly name myself - Jessica. Haha!

3rd round - To grab a guy, ask for his number. SZ got it again. She's just to sway. She play cheat by asking the guy who was at the bag deposit area. *Play Cheat*

On the cab........... haha!

They were messaging their bf. So I took pictures! haha.

I realised that drinking has to be consistent. I can't hold my liquor as well as before. I can sense it deteriorating. Or is it age that is catching up?

Homed 1200. Slept 1230. Tired, but enjoyed.

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