Tuesday, November 15, 2005

:: Hall Visiting ::

Sleepy head now. Really v.sleepy. Dun feel like working.

Yesterday, I was at customer site at Jurong. So... after work, I went back ntu to spend some cosy dinner. ;p Pple mugging for exams, preparing to ace the war with exams! It brings back so much memories of previous mugging, hardwork, sweat in the process of preparing for exams. I still miss hall life, i still do miss.

Saw SZ's new car. Its just so hard to miss it.

The winning blue, she claimed.

And this is Mugging Gabby.. Mugging..

It remind me of 1 year ago. I was part of them.

Her hammie.

Cute Hammie? But gabby suspect it is suffering old age. Sighs~

This is what people do in hall. Downloaded movies. Haha. How to study???

An ex-room-mate. A friend. A buddy. ;p

Left ntu at 10pm. Homed at 1130pm. Bed at 1230pm. YAWNZ~~

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