Monday, November 07, 2005

:: Monday Blues ::

Its not so much of blues today. I'm more towards sleepy. Somehow I didnt manage to sleep well last night. So So So... SLEEPY.

Boss's on business trip tmr and wed~ So happie~ But SZ says I 'bo-hua'. Cause I'll be on MC on a day where boss is not ard! Wasted. Well...

Last Saturday's blading wasn't as happening. Didn't see many many familiar faces as I guess the dark clouds desuaded many. But other than some usual faces, I manage to see one new girl into this sport - Shuzhen. She's my MPE friend, elder of the twin. Her twin sister was Shuhui, also in MPE, once my lab-mate. They bought their blades during the 1-for-1 offer. keke. I missed that. How sad. It was really freaking cheap with the 1-for-1 offer. And its a good brand K2. I'm looking at either K2 or Soloman. K2's definitely more comfortable and pretty-looking. Soloman's for the power but steeper price. A K2's for me, when the 1-1 offer is back that is. Too broke for nw.

As for my birthday prezzies (ref for Gab), I managed to short-list a few

1) Canon Camera Case - $29.90
I can get this at $25 from a friend shop. This is optional as my camera has 'clothes' to wear, just that it is slightly oversized. It's happily wearing into my old Konica Minolta Camera Case. So I would consider this as a very very optional choice, when you all have nothing in mind.

2) (still thinking.....)

Tmr's an opportunity lying ahead. Its a do-or-die. So, nothing's on for me tonight. I'm just going home early to do necessary preparation work and be well-prepared tmrw. And not forgetting, a well-needed sleep for the opportunity tmrw. Wish me luck.

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