Monday, November 07, 2005

Fate will get you a suitable job

I'm on MC tmrw. Its my 1st time 'chao-geng' MC. For I've something else to attend.

Chan says:
fate will get u a suitable job

I've got no idea whats up for me in the evening. Daphne did jio me for gym, but, she hasn't got back to me yet. My 5 month old New Balance running shoe hasnt touch ground yet. I bought it during a sale b4 my final yr exams. So... I hasn't been doing exercise! I just merely rollerblade weekly at ECP and ride my stationary bicycle at home. No wonder the fats are piling up. Grrr...

Chan might meet me in the evening too. But she's unconfirmed too. Shall see. =)

Wishing myself gd luck~ ;p

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