Tuesday, November 01, 2005

My Birthday Wish 2005

Its the star month of the year for me~ November~ Birthday month~

Birthday Resolutions 2005
1) To get a new job with a better environment and income, start it with positive attitude and perform to my maximum capability.
2) Slim down (Nothing unusual right?)
3) Healthy lifestyle

As request from Gab,
Birthday Wishes 2005

I have no special request this year. Those things I need, I have already got them. Those things I hoped to buy, I don't have enough money to buy. So they're kinda expensive. Those I don't need to buy, I don't like. Haha. Yes, I'm full of rubbish.

Alright, maybe I'll start with things I DON'T LIKE to receive
1) Soft Toys
2) Accessories (No bracelets, neckless, etc. Its hard to get something I like)
3) Ornaments (They collect dust)

Things I like for my birthday
1) Skin care (You wouldn't know what my skin can take, so ask before you purchase)
2) Cosmetics (You might not know what brand I like, so ask me before you purchase)
3) Bags (You might not know what I need, so ask me before you purchase)
4) Cash (You might not know what I'll use with it, but most prob I'll top up for my pair of rollerblades or a handphone)

Anyhow. I rarely receive presents on my birthday. Its always the same few grps of people.

But maybe I will link this post at the side column and keep it updated as and when something pops up in my mind.

The list goes

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