Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Have a life - adapted frm The Motivator

You strive to acquire a home, a car, a career, financial security and personal satisfaction. Seek also to have a life, one with meaning, and purpose, and joy. You strive to gain power and influence over others. Yet how much energy do you put into building mastery of yourself?

You strive to consume and possess the most impressive of worldly objects. Yet the value that you truly own is the value you create through your unique expression of life.

You long for everything to be perfect in the world around you. Are you also working toward perfection within?

You wish for every dream to come true. What are you doing to make those dreams a faithful expression of who you really are?

You promise yourself that someday you will live true to your purpose and highest vision. Is there any good reason why someday should wait even a single moment longer?

-- Adaped from The Motivator

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Gab said...

gab here..
1) its not the camera ! U R tan! (as in recently u gt always go blading) so dun doubt ur camera!
2) why u always stand on the right side when taking photos? ur right isde more chio? wahahha juz bored so kapo a bit
3) ur birthday wish muz all ask u b4 we can buy sia! i think muz bring u go buy then we be moblie atm machine or give u $ buy blades since u wanna the blades so much ...haha we buy 1 side u pay for the other side =) think of wht u wanna but we can oni accomplish this mission after our exams pai seh *muacks*