Saturday, November 19, 2005

::: Sweet 23 :::

My special day of the year passed in a simple manner. Simple but sweet.

Birthdays are getting simple as one ages. But simplicity is enough to make me happy.

Clubbing was quite fun yesterday, except that the music was a bit, erm.. but its still great partying. I drank quite a bit, but I can still manage home. It didnt get me anywhere near drunk, just a little high. My blood simple can't absorb any alcohol. They got stuck in my stomach and create a mess in my stomach till either I puke or till they're tired of creating the mess.
Anyhow, time for pictures!!

Finally, on the cab home...
I got to know so many new friends. One special new friend is Brenda. Got to know her through SZ's blog's chatterbox. =)

Today, it was a simple chilling out with Chan. At New Asia Bar. Nice place, good view (its at 71st floor of the hotel btw), nice food, nice ambience. GREAT.

Where's my house? Can you spot yours?

Singapore River

Simple night at home ends the special day.

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Anonymous said...

Lets see some shaved pussy darling ;)))