Sunday, November 20, 2005

::: Birthday Resolutions :::

Birthday's over. I'm 23.

I decide that I shall make birthday resolutions, to keep my life going well.

1) I've just resigned. I'll need to find a job, in quickest time possible. I don't mind a temp job. I'll definitely be going for a MNC for my next job. I'm tired of local company.

2) Slim down by 10 kg. Ever since I started working, fats have been piling up. I wanted to slim down another 5 kg. But its increasing instead. So make it a 10 this time. I tried slimming down 8kg within months. So 10 wouldn't be much a feat, if I'm determined that is.

3) Expanding my circle friends, and at the same time, keep my current friends, meeting up the old ones often. Ever since I step into the hostels of ntu, a certain part of me has been missing. That is the part where I lost many old friends. They're mostly either working or in nus. So, its time I do something, to the dying friendship.

4) Expanding my wardrobe. I dun spend much on clothes. Time to make some financial adjustments to shift some funds from skincare to clothes and accessories. ;p

5) Decorate + Cleaning my room to make it more cozy. Its quite cozy as of now, but its a bit not jingxian-friendly. Time to hit ikea when I'm financially back to normal again.

Thats all for now.

As for birthday prezzies, for gabby's reference, do not purchase anything yet. You wouldn't know what I might have gotten myself. Keep you all updated again.

Enough of birthday.

Tml's Monday. The day of Monday Blues. Bleah. Luckily boss W is outstation at China. So... keke.. Monday Blues with less stress.

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tankiannam said...

happy birthday! :)