Sunday, December 11, 2005

:: Aeroplane Flyers ::

Aeroplane flyers, NOT known as pilots.

Aeroplane flyer, n, a person who agrees but break the promise at the very last min, without logically acceptable reason.

I was previously particular about them. I used to detest them, but then, it was my close friend who did it to me, so, I live with it and gradually I find myself accepting it. But recently, I got provoked, again.

First aeroplane flyer friend was a close friend of mine. She was my JC class-mate whom turn out to be very close friends. But with the intrusion of her bf, her plane flying skills have been pretty frequent. I used to get pissed with her, but soon, I am used to it. Immune is the word. One best situation is to fly plane for my hostel living. She's with me for 1 weeks and whoop... gone. To date. I still do keep in contact with her. We meet up once in a while. yet, still have lots to yak about. She could have been a perfect friend, if only plane flying doesnt exist.

Second was a very powerful plane flyer. She's the first one I gave her my piece of mine in front of everyone. She's one of my IA-mate. Any of my IA friends read this will know who she is, w/o any process of the brain needed. She can promise the whole group that she can make it, though we know there's 99.99% chance she couldn't make it. There was once, I was guilty of kicking a big fuss over it. After that incident, I was so guilty, but I do not know how to save that situation. It was like a tear in the friendship, though everything is fine again. If only I could turn back time, my relationship with her (and them) might have been very much better. Oh, I digressed. Her plane flying skills were ultimate. The best one was when she fly us aeroplane for our convo photoshoot, with the reason that she was boiling water, she forgot abt her boiling of water, and so, her kitchen catches fire and thus, can't make it to meet us. We really don't know to laugh or cry.

Now, its my ex-colleague. She's a famous to fly me and SZ aeroplane. So common that we got used to it again. Thursday, she performed the stunt again. We wanted to meet up for a steamboat. We have been talking and fixing the date as early as 2 weeks prior to the day. At 3.30pm, she told us she couldn't make it. We nearly killed her. It was so unpleasant to hear such things, esp just before meeting up. Reason, she forgot that she's meeting a very very very close friends who's flying to spore as one of her transit stop. Faint. She's best lah, best friend coming to SG can slip off her mind. She wanted to cancel. But we end up meeting her and her friend. So 4 of us, steamboat. It was quite sad that it turn out this way. But the food and the after-food shopping made up for the discomfort. If only pple can be more responsible of their own schedule of life. Sigh. Anyway, here are the pictures!

The price of the steamboat increased. Its now $12, same as tose at Marina South.

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tornado said...

Interesting post regarding these "pilots". To me, I also dun like "pilots". Better late then never yar?