Thursday, December 08, 2005

:: P-plate NO MORE ::

Yeah. Exactly one year ago, I passed my Class 3 Driving License. And today, one year later, I've successfully served my 1-year term. No more P-plate!!

I'm not proud for my record's not clean. Yes. I had an accident not too long ago. But well, its still something worth mentioning. P-PLATE NO-MORE!!

Alright, I haven't been posting. I've nothing much to update about. My interview on Monday was smooth. Promising but I'm not going to pin too high hopes. High hopes might meet with greater disappointment. I'm just hoping they'll call me soon.

Sometimes, having too much time makes me question myself what kind of jobs I want. Yes, I'm looking for engineering related. But am I open to other jobs? I thought I am.

But I will answer a NO. I did my job search these few days, and I find myself still pinning on engineering jobs. I'm still not ready to open to other jobs, not even procurement. Its so unlike of me 1/2 year ago that I avoid engineering jobs. But I've unconsciously fell in love with engineering.

Yes, boring it may sound. But I feel exclusive being an engineer. I know things where the large community doesnt. It gave me that feeling of being superior in technical knowledge. And yes, it does sounds cool when people ask you about your job, expecting a reply probably like, HR, admin, accounts (auditor still sound cool to me), sales, customer service, etc. But when you reply with an "Engineer", COOL!!

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