Friday, December 16, 2005

::: Am I a man in disguise? :::

Sometimes I really wonder if I'm a man in disguise.

Yesterday, my computer "chui-ed".

Let me give u an insight of my computer's health. Its a computer I bought when I first enter NTU, that makes it like 4.5 yrs old. Its a P4, BUT with only 128Mb of RAM and its a 1.3GHz processor speed. In today's context, its a tortoise snail. It had ride through the tough times with me in hostel, though the toughest time during my final year final sem, I decided that it shld take a rest at home as it couldn't take my high volume needs for FYP. My P4, 2.8GHz, 512Mb RAM laptop rode through the difficult times with me. Luckily, it was me who cajoled my parents to get a laptop instead of a desktop to replace my dead PC at home. I had intentions of using it as I knew my ail-ing comp couldn't take it during FYP. Heh heh. Oh, back to the point, my computer. Yah, so thats the history of my computer.

When I move back home after 4 years of cozy stay in hall 6, I reformat my computer and connect to broadband. I connect to broadband myself! I was actually intend to get broadband service. After 4 yrs in hall, who can live in dail-up life? I was at J8, strolling with PL as my family went msia w/o me. I chanced upon Starhub roadshow and I just applied, grabbed the modem and stuff, and home! I installed it MYSELF!! Initially, I was skeptical about applying coz the registration fee and installation costs a good $100. During the roadshow, registration is free and I can choose to install myself! I DID. Sorry, but I'm so proud of this.

Alright, yesterday, I was reformatting my comp. I was so sad to realise that my cd rom is not working. How can one install a new copy of windows w/o the cd rom working? I usually partition my comp, so that I can have a safe backup. My C drive (5Gb) is the backup while my D drive (25Gb) is my working drive. I copied the windows disc to my laptop and send via msn to my infected comp. I formatted.

But blur me, I forgot abt my wireless. But glad to know the installation disc is only 25Mb. I can easily copy the files into my 256Mb mp3 player and install via external disc.

BUT how about my microsoft office? I checked. 500Mb! Faint.

I didnt take me long to figure out that I can create a home network with my laptop and run the cd drive from the laptop!! And it really works!!! Though I think its really harsh on my laptop and my network for that overloading effort. But the thing is, it works!! Oh man!! I can't help, but really so.... er... relief!! and proud!!

But.. it sets me thinking. I'm too man for everything.

From technological gadgets like music players, camera to mechanical knowledge of cars and machines, they never fail to allow me to strike conversation with any guy. Perception in life, attitude in life were always from a guy's point of view. I could instantly click with the guys with all these common interest and topics!

Though its not that I'm not girly enough, it shows that I've way too much genes of guy's hormones! EEeeeewwwww..... Tell me I'm a girl...

And oh yah, I needa download a copy of gunbound to my pathetic P4, 128Mb RAM, 1.3G processor so that I can game with Nigel soon.

EEeeeewwwww..... Tell me I'm a girl...

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tornado said...

Wow! you're good! Though i know how to format my com. But partition and making sure this and that I usually lazy to do it. Dun worry, you're still a girl. =)