Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Today is the day of results release for most schools. It seems yesterday that I receive my final yr results. But thats already like 6 month ago. Checking results is something scary, terrifying.

I'm always feeling neutral about my results. I wasn't particularly happy or sad about my results at any point in time of my study years. There was never once I was very sad about my results. My results were always mediocre. There were no reason for me to feel sad as I know I reap what I sow. There's also nothing to feel happy about, coz I usually don't do well. Mediocre me.

This semester is special. NTU is following nus's system, finally. That makes less failures. Everybody seems to do well!! This improvement definitely creates better transcipts for graduates. At least, the employers out there will be a little more impressed with the results! =)

Congrats to those who graduated... H6s..Nigel, Jinxing, Yihui.... IA-friend..Max..

Congrats to those who cleared all... H6s..Nick, Melvin, Elvin...

Congrats to those who did v.well... H6s.. Kim, Wen, Clement.. They have no Cs in sight. Smarties they are!!

Congrats all.... Suddenly realised most of the names mentioned are guys, but the girls mentioned fall in the range of those who did very well. And I'm sure moving home is a better choice than staying in hostel. Hostel have more distractions. But who can resist all the fun? I can't.

Enough about school. I still seem to be very connected to school. It takes a little more time to get over it.

Okay, enough of sch. I'm facing another hurdle tml. Wish me luck! =)

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