Wednesday, December 21, 2005

::: Funny dream :::

I dreamt of something funny.

On my previous post last night, I was talking about results. Thats what I dreamt last night.

I dreamt that I failed my interview, failed my Chinese, etc etc...

The setting is kinda funny.

I failed my interview while I was still a student. I even went to argue with HR on why I was failed by the interviewer.

I failed my Chinese when I was in NTU. How to? When I didnt took any Chinese modules before. I even dreamt that I retained for 2 sems. Even Jinxing was laughing at me for he only took 1 extra sem. Cheelip was laughing at me for able to be back to sch again for another sem. Shaozhen was consoling me. They all happen in my dream. And I even had 2 dogs as my pets. Hmm.. I do not have dogs in real life and have totally no plans for them in future! Funny dreams, scary dreams!!!

Jio-ed by Annie and Des for gym later in the evening. Hmm... Shall see...

Okay, time to calm myself down for the hurdle i mentioned yest. Its coming in few hrs time. Luck is all I need. =)

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