Monday, December 26, 2005

:::King Kong:::

A nice show!! A big beast with a beauty.

Having a movie date is great. Simple, yet enriching. An individual activity but shared with many other watching, laughing and tearing. =) Ok, many others didn't. But I'm quite a cry baby. I'll drop tears for the least touching scene. Non-sappy movies can already set me tearing. Thats also one of the reason I hate watching sad movies or romance movies.

Before I continue on King Kong, announcing to my readers (Seagators Alert!) that Des Yong is attached! Pls check out his sweet-looking babe in his friendster. And they really look good in uniform!! Pls also note that suddenly Des seems to have double eyelids in his friendster pics! Elated eye pupils beaming with love flushed those double eyelids?!? Anyhow, congrats dude!!! When your so-called 'time is ripe', bring her along for our gatherings! Congrats!!

Back to King Kong, a 3 hr show that suck you to the seat. As told by HJ, the KK will not appear for the 1st one hr of the show! True, and I think it omly came into the screen after 1.5 hrs into it. Haha! I particularly like the last phrase of the show...

"The planes didn't kill the beast. The beauty killed the beast" =)

I love today. Simple.

Looking forward to tmr. Hope everything goes fine and I can start my employment in early 2006. =)

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