Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Yup. Another movie today. Narnia. Better than I expect. =)

Tiring day. Feeling down.

Month end's coming. Debts are accumulating but income is not available this month.

Frustrating. I hate to plan for my finance issues. They dun meet, but run into deficit. DAMN.

I simply hope I'll pass my medical test and be able to start work soon.

*My Winamp player is being kind to me. I run it on shuffle mode and it played all my favourite songs out of my 626 songs*

I saw this chic Giordano jeans. But its retailing at $69. Gosh. Its only Giordano. But I know I'll get it soon. Their jeans fit me well. Their low waist boot cuts are my fav. :)

A better tomorrow. =)

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