Thursday, December 01, 2005

::: Last day at work :::

This is a belated post. My last day of work was yesterday. But I had a packed post-work schedule keeping me busy.

Yesterday's work was fun.

I managed to get my ass off the office to customer's site, HS. Me and SZ took the van, ferry my pay cheq to the bank, before we were on our way to HS. However, the designated pple were slower than us. So SZ and I, the vain queens, decided to do something not unusual. though we took unusually long time to do. We did make up in the van! Its so 'duh' to do our makeup, especially our eye makeup, in the van, with our pocket mirrors. It must be very amusing to see this scene on an engineering ground. No doubt, a cyclist whom cycled by lost his balanace. HAHAHA! And here we are, on the van, doing our makeup. I left office w/o eyeshadow and mascara, but went back with my electric blue eyeshadow and mascara!

SZ, we are the best lah!

It seems like a meet-friend-day.

At HS, I saw Sheau Chyn aka Shane. He's a friend of my buddy, Merv. I knew his existence in HS when once day, I msg him regarding some PR issues. That was minutes before his interview with HS. And soon, he told me he's gonna be employed, by HS. How cool. But we weren't contacting each other. We were only acquaintance. But steping into HS, he glared at these 2 'little girls' on their supposedly all-men's land. Soon, I realised I knew him and sparkled the more than 1 hr long conversation. Nice knowing him more, and did I forgot to mention, he's quite pleasing to the eye, at least he edged out among the engineers in HS. He's got a big dream to fulfil. Gd luck dude! (He's not gonna chance upon this anyway)

Another friend I met is Lian Na. She's my friend's friend too, Kaihui's friend. I actually saw her when I was queuing for my Tom Yam Soup (Yum YUM!!). But she looked a little different. After 2 yrs not seeing her, I guess its a little tricky in recognising her. Auditor life suddenly appear not as wonderful as it may seem. I guess the stress it takes for every project is far too immense. But she still looks good in pictures, at least she look good in her blog. But I still have to say that she's still a good-looking dude. She's very 耐看 in my humble opinion. Give a women a good body/face treat, and she'll still look as good. She was a surprised meet, to see her in Changi where her workplace is at CBD. Thats what auditors do. They'll be at where the customers are.

Third, I chanced upon Lihua. I happen to see her, not on any purpose meeting up.

So nice to see these people, on my last day of work.

And oh, I digress from my topic. I was saying... my last day at work...

OK, 2nd stunt. We were on our way back to office on our van. Suddenly, SZ asked me: "Are we really goong back?" That question landed us at.. Tampines Mall. Shopping!!! Yes, you might be wondering what we bought. Here are they!!! We were happy girls.

And back to office! Picture taking time!!!

My colleagues....

The fun doesnt end here. We went to Shiseido warehse sale! Its a not-to-be-missed sale!!! SZ, Ivy and me nearly went...CRAZY!!! Though some things like lip gloss were limited, we were v.pleased with our buys. Things were too cheap. A lip gloss retailing at $39 was selling at $15!! How can I not grab!! And I tell you, their customer service is good. Well, thats the norm for Japanese brands, but its a warehouse sale and the sales pple are still so patient!! Unbelievable.

The damages we made to our pockets...

We were very happy girls!!!

MSN nick --> [jingxian] Shiseido warehse sale is the best!! Total damage:- JX: $69, SZ: $141, IVY: $52

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