Sunday, December 04, 2005

::: Ivan's ROM :::

I'm officially unemployed. But at the very last hour of my employment, I receive a call. I hope, with this call, I can pronounce employed soon again. *prays hard*

Thursday was a Malaysia-day-tour for me. Its not exactly a tour. I merely went there to apply for my IC, reluctantly. Nothing spectacular there except for the dental visit that costs me only RM30. As I left the customs, the bus drove past a familiar sight. Its the old customs. It suddenly brings memories into me. The red counters if you were driving. The long narrow counters if you travel by bus. It just seems so near. It was primary school when I travel to school everyday, crossing the custom everyday. When I was younger, my mom fetches me to school. We pass by the customs, stopping at the red counters to have our passports checked before proceeding to my school. When I was older, at about primary 3, I took school bus, which 'unloads' us when we reach the customs and pick us up at designated areas. We were all so young then. But we were all so independent. You must see it to be convinced how scary the traffic flow is early in the morning. Not only buses filled with countless students and factory operators, but also lorries filled with pigs! Those were the days.

Friday was a big day of a friend of mine. Ivan. His ROM and his birthday. He's one of the first to get hitched among my friends. He's the first to get a job and first to get married. I bet he'll be the first to have kids! And here are the pics!

The whole group of us went for Harry Potter, followed by a dinner, and a drink at coffee bean.

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