Thursday, January 05, 2006

3rd Day at work

3rd day at work has been great!

My manager's busy with his stuff, so I indulge myself in exploring the documents. And soon, my group leader came guiding me! He's so so ever patient, teaching me slowly. He came to my table, teach me all possible functions to access real-time information. Even if it meant he have to squart/kneel beside me for as long as 2 hrs, he just do it in order to give me good guidance. And he indeed squart and later end up kneeling beside me for 2 hrs. If you wonder whe he didn't get his chair, it was a little far (3 meters away) and the alley was too small to roll his chair over. I offered to let him have my seat, but he's too gentlemanly to accept. He told me a lot on how the plant functions and how things work. :) I'm loving my manager and grp leader!

Went steamboat with SZ and YY. Damn full now. *Buuurrrppp*

Shopping!! Bought the pouch I've been eyeing. Its the 1st item I bought from The Wallet Shop. Its pretty! Its the butterfly series. I've been eyeing the small coin pouch and card holder. But I end up getting the larger pouch today. Still thinking of the small one actually, the big one seem a little too big for my jeans pocket. Sigh.

And I bought something interesting! Nail Art Stamp! The whole set costs me $17.90. I shall try it soon!!! YEAH!!!


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