Wednesday, January 04, 2006

2nd day at work

Second dat at work is good. I'm finally 'picked-up' by my colleague at the reception this morning. I was expecting more orientation, but my colleague came to me and asked,"Are you Jing Xian? I'm bringing you to the office." I was a little stunned, cause that wasn't what I thought would happen.

Starting off the day with attending the daily production meeting. Its not my jobscope, but my v.nice boss just wants me to have a 'feel' of it. And so, I went with him. After the meeting, I had another short meeting with my department pple, going through daily matters. And the whiteboard technology was so cool! After writing, you can 'photocopy' what you have written on the board with a button on the side. Press once and out comes a piece of A4 size paper, with what you've written 'photocopied' out. Cooooool~

After all these, I was given a 'mini lesson'. He gives me an idea of how the plant works in their 5 buildings, overview of the process, machines, etc etc. I'm impressed by this way of teaching, comprehensive, yet not boring. :) We proceed to a 'walk-a-bout'. We walked the non-cleanroom areas as I haven't draw my jumpsuit. And he really gave me thorough explanations, from one end of the plant to the other. (Btw, the whole plant is made up of 5 buildings, 4 of them were bought while expanding, 1 of them is still building)

Lunch was good. I came to know that my department pple drives out for lunch!! WEE!! Was so happy to hear that. Its kinda nice when the whole department goes lunch out together. Most pple have their lunch in canteen as there's nowhere near for food. Whose boss drives his employees out for lunch daily? Mine do. *Happy* At least this shows that my boss is not a miser, but someone who willing to spend that extra miles everyday. It feels good to be out for lunch. We went somewhere in Jurong West today. :)

I drew my jump suit from the warehse after lunch. And then another tour with boss! We went every line. And again, very detailed explanation from him. Can't compliment him more. Heez. Took 2-3 hrs in the cleanroom. I haven been wearing a cleanroom suit for close to a year. But its not difficult to get used to it. :)

And my grp leader was also nice. He offered me help to draw my stationeries. I have lotsa stationeries now. I even have a scotch tape dispenser, 2 rulers (one metal, one plastic). And all my stationeries are brand new!! Heeheez. I'm a happy girl.

Homed. And enjoyed my day. A day I learnt a lot of things. :)


khal said...

happy new yr!!! wahaha... all the best in ur new job =P

Sherline said...

I find difficulty in convicing myself that you are not a "sua ku" regarding the "whiteboard technology". hahaha!

tornado said...

Wow! good to hear that your working environment is great. So what's ur actual jobscope like? the company is stationed in boonlay or tuas ah??