Monday, January 30, 2006

Back, Safe and Sound

I'm back! Safe and Sound!

Home's still the best. Away from all worries of crimes. I can't help but agree more that I'm a coward. But I'm such a pananoid person that the slightest noise I heard last night made my mind wander. Maybe its just sounds of the fireworks. I thought they were sounds of the thieves. I'm glad I'm safe! Haha.

Before I forget, Happy Chinese New Year!

The year of Dog is not quite a good year for me (and my mum and many of my fellow friends). Sigh. But life still have to go on. Plans in attempt to ward off evil energies? Hmm, I dunno how, but I'll try to figure how soon. Anyone knows how? How to 拜太岁?

After a good interaction with my relatives, I was inspired to few things I wanna do in some time soon.
1) Financial management. There are so many needs and wants we need to satisfy. But planning is really important. Having hefty loans to repay, the need to plan seems more important to handle. I will do some planning real some time soon, in 3-4 months time, when I'm stable in my job.

2) Insurance. I'm totally not insured. After talking to my uncle, there're a lot of 'homework' need to be done. I shall start very soon, in 1 months time.

3) Investment. Salary can only bring you to a certain height. You'll need to 'grow' money. Again, there's a lot of 'homework' to do as risks are involved. At the moment, I want money to 'grow'. I do have my business plan, but its not gonna be so soon. I believe there're still some stages of life I need to go through. I just want my money to start growing, for now. I'll start my plan of growing money in 6-8 months time.

It seems so money related in my plans. Well, family and friends are still my top concern in life, no doubt. I would say, as we all age, money gets more and more important. For the many assets we wish to hold, money is so much desirable. I don't wished for big things. I need a house, a cozy, well-furnished home filled with love. A car will definitely be a great plus. Again, all these assets will only do wonders in the pressence of family and friends.

I finally bought myself a new watch! I'm still back to my swatch skin. Trust me, you wouldn't want to wear any other watch if you've tried swatch skin. Its so thin that you wouldn't feel that you're wearing something on your wrist. Awww.. I guess there goes my chance of wearing exquisite watches in future.

My previous Swatch Skin lasted me 5 years and its still going strong. I wore it daily during my working days after college and my entire Uni life. But old things have to go for new things to come. Haha! So this is my new watch. Latest Fall/Winter 2005 collection.

It doesn't look very nice when I was browsing at the swatch outlet. But it looks fantastic on wrist! Nice!

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tornado said...

Blessed Chinese New Year!
Hmm...I guess one of ur uncles is an agent (insurance)? They also do investment and financial analysis. Many times we will stay away from them but with an open mind you will get to know things you didn't think about (your future).

Yup, juz keep urself protected in case of any injury or wat can claim. Then also got package as investment plan/ life savings plan. You can go visit the websites and read while u'r letting ur income be stable.

Go read from Great Eastern, Prudential, AIA, NTUC income. Read for their strengths and weaknesses so that when respective agents u can ask them stuff. Show that you know their products and see which company offers the best package to ur NEEDS.

If you need agents (which I believe u should have many frens who are in this line. - who don't), can ask me. I recommend you a few whom I feel are sincere and truthful. =)