Friday, February 03, 2006

Feel the pain, feel belonged...

Back from NTU.

Its painful to see the boys lose, again. And to feel their pain made me realise that I still feel belonged. But I know, I wouldn't be back to support nxt year when my friends will not be playing. On a personal note, my personal favourites for this match are.... jersey number.... 3....7....1....19....10..... Its a pity, to me, that No. 12 didn't play.

Was a little guilty when demoner asked me why I didn't come for his vball finals. *sigh* I wished I could. I wanted to go but I've got no companion to go with me then. The last one I went was last yr's finals, which played into an exciting 5th set. Woohoo~ Sorry demoner! But I was secretly confident that you'll win. Haha.


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