Sunday, January 08, 2006

One week into 2006, and things are looking good for me. And yes, I haven't made my new year resolutions. I haven't really gave a thought about it. But these are what I want to achieve, definitely.

1) Give my best shot in work. I would aim the $500 for my technical allowance. Its something like an increment after 6 months. The range is $350-$500. Normally, the 'rate' is $400. But I'm aiming higher. My manager told me that only exceptionally good ones get $500. Well, I'll aim to be that exceptionally good one.

2) Save up $5k at the end of the year. I've got lotsa things to get. $5k may be a little difficult to attain, but I'll still try. Saving up my variable bonus and AWS should be able to hit that amount. I've got a lot of things to get. One major thing is a new PC. My LCD montor turned 'chao-ta' at one big spot. And my CD-ROM is not working. A new one will cost me $1.5K I expect.

3) Lose 5kg in weight. But this shld be urgent as my company's D&D is in March! Gosh! How to fit in clothes with my current fats hovering around, refusing to take its leave! Grrrr!!! Move! Exercise! Gym anyone?

I can't think of anymore thing I wish for. I only want peace for my family and friends. A great year ahead for all!!

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