Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Out with a bunch of friends yesterday just for a simple chill out at this place 2nd level of cineleisure. Nice place with good food!! Yummy!

Back home late yesterday, causing me much sleepiness today. Saw XN, my colleague cum long time friend, at production meeting and 'nuah' towards her. She's also tired after yesterday. Age is catching up. Haha.

Things going well at work. But recently, I'm a little impatient with my progress. I don't seem to learning and picking up duties as fast as I wish I could. Talked to my neighbour colleague about it, but he assured me that things are doing fine. He was telling me that I shld appreciate and enjoy my 'honeymoon' stage. I beg to differ, but there seem to be nothing much I could do. I can't help, but feeling useless and not productive. I know it can't be helped that I can't shoulder responsibilities now. I just can't help being impatient. Grrr...

Maybe I shld try going into production line independently, trying to get and and get out w/o asking for directions. That shall be my short-term aim now. Hey, its not easy k.. its like a maze there.

Initially, I wanted to go back hall to watch vball finals and bball semis. But my friends are not going. So I dropped that idea although I wanted to pass a textbook to a friend and I actually brought that heavy textbook out. Sigh. But a msg to jio me to watch the games came from Paw at 715pm. I'm already homed. I shall catch the finals then. ;p

I think I shld start cultivating early sleeping habits. But breadth ain't catching up sometimes. I feel I'm lack of energy to speak. And most of the time, I'm quietly in a corner during lunch. I would really want to join in, but I'm a little tired. Sigh.

And the gd sleeping habit starts now. I target 11pm. ;p

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