Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Tired. From the working.

Did 4 hrs of OT yesterday. A yield issue sparkled a urgent investigation experiment to be carry out at 5pm. Its something new for me, to know how such expt are carried out and 'how to OT'. My grp leader was kind to offer help with regards to OT claims and transport claims thingy, but another engineer had already told me what to do and send me the necessary forms. I was amused that so many pple are 'OT-ing'. But the presentations coming up explained it all. My whole dept OT yesterday. Amazing. Those who pass by my dept office area were quite stunned. Amazing amazing.

And calling a cab to Tuas is another challenge. And a lousy policy from the company that you have to 'clock' your card b4 9.35pm or else, 1/2 hr will be deducted as dinner time. *faint* I clocked mine at 9.33pm. *phew* Took a cab with a colleague to my hse and he took train from there. We can only claim $12 each, so both of us $24. Cab free yesterday = $20. *heng ah*

A last minute cancellation of appointment landed me at home today. I don't mind actually. I need the rest. :) I was so busy with compilation of datas that I don't even have the time to disturb XN, until 5pm when I finish my part. She's doing hers too. Its hell I tell you. Imagine looking at so much datas, arranging them, doing SPC, checking and checking. *eye-rolling* And with my 122Mb RAM, ey, its really v.bad.

Watching Memoirs of the Geisha with XN, HJ, Ed and M tmr. Tickets are booked. So its a deal tmr! *grinz*

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