Sunday, January 15, 2006

Boohoo~ 2 weeks into 2006. Everything's going well.

Last friday, its XN's birthday. So I bought this bouquet of flower to surprise her. I did surprise her cause she thought her secret admirer gave her. Well, too bad, its from me, a girl. Bah ha ha.

Had a great lunch with my dept pple on friday too. We lunch together everyday, but we went for a feast on friday. Curry Fish-head at Taman Jurong! Hee. Nice food. And we came back rather late. So we got to come back discreetly.

Went for a free facial with XN's free voucher at Rapellez. Not bad, but a little pushy in their packages. But nonetheless, we managed to come out free! Haha. We both did beaustone. Not that fanatastic. Normal facial, though the machine did made our pores smaller, we all knew its temporary. Haha.

I did a gradual colour on my nails. But my bro is not back yet with my camera. He took it to some project thingy. Not very nice nails but it'll look nice if I have longer nails. The gradual effect will look more obvious on longer nails. I tried the marble effect, but it wasa total failure!! Grrr..

Bro's back with my camera. So here's my nails! A little gradual increase in colour from one end to the other. Nails not longer enough to show that effect. Why ain't my nails growing? Bleah.

Work tmr. =)

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