Thursday, February 09, 2006

Finally got my pay when I checked my account yesterday morning. I'm a little surprised with the amount. 2.1k take home for the month of january. I was expecting less as my official start date was 3rd January. So I missed 1st and 2nd of Jan. But Feburary's will be better due to additions of my OT pay. Should be able to get at least a 2.3k take home! 25th Feb!! Can't wait!!

Not quite in a mood of blogging. Probably I'm tired.

Well, I decide to write a shopping list. I've bought a watch in advance. So that was the thing I bought for my 1st pay! The list below is just come casual things I need to get.
1) Bags!! A few bags!! Pretty bags!!!
2) A aerobics/power yoga course with Amore fitness (nxt month)
3) Thinking of what to wear and what to buy for my company's D&D on 10th March!
4) Tops! For work and for weekends!!
5) Skirts!! For the weekends!!!
6) Skincare!! But not needing it actually. My skin is doing well recently. Maybe some masks to add to my collection.

Maybe there are more to my shopping list. But these are what I can think of.

Tired. Off to bed. Soon.

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