Sunday, February 12, 2006

Shopping is a sport

Shopping is a good sport. (Provided you don't indulge in rich food while shopping that is)

My pay is here and here's some of my loots from yesterday!

These OPI nail polishes are already bought before I got my pay. Its more than 50% cheaper than buying them in stores. It costs S$22 a bottle in stores and I bought them online at USD$3.75. With all shipping charges included, I pay for S$9 a bottle only. Cheap deal for a good brand. The quality of the polish is good. But the base coat is just so-so. My purple polish looks blue in the picture and pink looks purple. Haha. I'll definitely get more of other colours! Since I no longer spend much on cosmetics. Initially these nail polish shld be sent to my hse via post. But I can't hold longer so msg the girl, Bernice, who organised the spree to meet up. Nice girl! :)

Little Match Girl is on 20% off! So here's my new bag!

Laneige Water Sleeping pack! Wanted to get this since I started working. But my previous pay was too pathetic to afford. But $42 for such a big bottle can last me for ages. I love it! Skin feels so smooth after using! Yeah. *Happy*

Kose Black mask! It looks big in the picture. But its small in reality. $34 for this is a little too ex. But considering a Japan product, I'll give it a try. It better peel all the dirt off my skin!

And some little trash I bought. Shopping is good therepy!

Went to 拜太岁today. Hope things will go well this year. Huat ah!

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