Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I wonder why I studied so hard when I saw my technician, who is of the same age as me, drive this car.

--Honda Integra--

And I heard he changed to this from his previous WRX, or something. If you don't happen to know how powerful these cars are, they're just not available for test drive. You'll be fully assured of its performance.

And he told me he is paying his car instalments himself.

What made worse was that he's same age as me. But he came into the working society earlier with his NTC (ITE) qualifications. But me, slogged my way to graduation, had to depend on B-M-W... (Bus Mrt Walk)

Am I far behind time or am I waiting for the best which is yet to come?


tornado said...

Well, if you dunno. Technicians are said to clock alot of OT till it even exceeds the engineer's monthly pay. Last time at the aerospace company during attachment, the technicians drive flashy cars while the engineers take car pool or drive small small car, or 2nd hand car.

Just imagine a technician basic pay is 1.6-1.8k and with all the OT can clock to 3k or more?

And since he started working after ITE he would have about 4 years headstart and would have saved enough (with all the OTs) to pay nice cars installments.

jing xian said...

Yeah. I can clock OT too. But I'm 4 years behind. Haha. Time = Money!