Thursday, February 16, 2006

Not complex enough

You can't imagine what a computer can do to me. It tease me or suan me today.

I had a brand new computer. The snr engineer guy had to reinstall everything and set up some network stuff for me. My company have very tight security on computers. There's no way you can break their system. So whatever you want to install have to go through them. But thats not my point of my post.

I wanted to change my password for my lotus notes. (An email and databse program used in a lot of companies) I was using a default password when it was given to me when I joined. So since I changed computer, I wanted to change my password too, so that other won't use the default password on my old computer to access my emails. If this is too complicated for your understanding, I'll simplify. I want to change password of my lotus notes. Haha.

I decided to change it to computer password that I use to log in. My computer password is jinx. So I happily type jinx as my lotus notes password also. Somthing pop up....

"Sorry, please try again. Your password is not complex enough."


I suddenly thought that computers have emotions too. How did it know it is not complex enough when computer password and lotus notes password have not inter-relations? Or how did it know jinx is my nickname? I have a sticker typed with cute letters jinx just on top of my LCD monitor. How did IT know?

I told my colleague who is sitting next to me to look at this amusing pop up message. He laugh his ass off. "See, computers also suan you"


And now, people know my computer password is jinx.


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