Sunday, March 19, 2006

I have this love-hate relationship with my family.

I hate it when small things are blown big. And drama happens. TMD.

It cost me ugly mood for the entire day today. Argh!

Yesterday was good. Finally made my trip to Ikea to get my pen holder. Chan was so late that I almost died waiting her. *faint* The treat from Chan was great! I didn't know Ikea's food taste so heavenly. *Thanks girl for the treat!* Queensway was good too. I'll be back to get my Teva slippers, when I found one I like.

A chill out at Toa Payoh BK was good too. Sharing ideas, thoughts, perceptions, etc. Simple activities with a great companion made my day.

I think I'm in such a lousy mood that my entry doesn't sound exciting, though I enjoyed myself yesterday.

The Rape of Nanking is too absorbing. Why can men be stripped of humanity? Isn't humanity an innate nature of mankind?

I love thought-provoking books.

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