Saturday, March 18, 2006

Another non-happening weekend I foresee.

Already had plans to go blading, but my blading 'coach', Desmond, injured himself during his IPPT. *faint* And being not on blades for a good 5 months, I'm not game to go alone. In any case, I don't wish to hurt my tailbone again, like I did the other time when my 'coach' was not around. Its pretty dangerous to hurt the tailbone, its so near the spine! Des suggested going for dinner instead, but seems like noone is interested. So, its called off. *grrr..*

Went to the running track this morning only to find out that there's a sch's sports day going on. *grr....*

So now, I'm waiting for Chan to wake up, call me, and we're off to Ikea and Queensway! Nothing in particular to get. But I always love Ikea. It gave me new ideas of a good nice compact home. Queensway is great. Lets see if I can get any good bargains. Looking for some tops.

Was invited to a Gospel (or was it Gospal?) Rally of a church. I'm still undecided if I wanna go. On one hand, I'm curious about what made so many people change for the better. On another hand, I'm worried that I'll feel left out and feel out of place. Though buddy Nigel urged me to go and take a look, there's still this fear that is pulling me back. Sigh. Decide later then.

My work week just passed in a wink! Thursday was hell for me. I almost went crazy over the data with the seconds ticking past me. Shan't be so last minute next time. But it can't be helped since you'll need the most updated data to finish it. Well Well.. It made me lose appetite for two days. And when I was in the line yesterday, I almost fainted, a few couple of times, when I stood up too abruptly. So decided to reward myself with... Steamboat! With Gab, Wen and Teck! Yum Yum!

I was out shopping alone on Thurs when Chan flew me aeroplane. I was a little pissed initially as I've already reach the destination when she called saying that she has forgotten that she had to attend a course. But my tolerance on aeroplane flying has increased over the years. And I'm glad I went to Kino and got a book I always wanted to read - The Rape of the Nanking. Up next, I will get Memoirs of the Geisha to catch things which the movie may have missed. I've still got one more book pending actually.. Angels and Demons. But I think I will start with The Rape of the Nanking first. Yippee!!!

Since my non-happening weekends are here, I'll do books reading and net surfing then. I shall start my blading real soon. And shooting probably in April. I finally decide to try shooting after I've got financially independent. Its an expensive activity but girls don't get to use guns/pistol/rifles in most case. So its shooting next month!

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